Children of angels and other beings of light who choose to live among mortals.


Average Height: 6’ 1” – 6’ 6”
Average Weight: 175 – 280 lbs.

Ability Scores: +2 Intelligence, +2 Wisdom
Size: Medium
Speed: 6 squares
Vision: Low-light

Languages: Common, choice of two others
Skill Bonuses: +2 History +2 Religion
Astral Majesty: You have a +1 bonus to all defenses against attacks made by bloodied creatures.
Astral Resistance: You have resistance to necrotic damage and radiant damage equal to 5 + one-half your level.
Immortal Origin: Your spirit is native to the Astral Sea, so you are considered an immortal creature for the purposes of effects that relate to creature for the purposes of effects that relate to creature origin.
Memory of a Thousand Lifetimes: You have the memory of a thousand lifetimes power.


Deva Racial Power
Memory of a Thousand Lifetimes

The dreamlike memories of your previous lives lend insight to aid you.
No Action
Trigger: You make an attack roll, a saving throw, a skill check, or an ability check and dislike the result
Effect: You add 1d6 to the triggering roll.

The deva are the remnants of a once beautiful race of mortals, who are seen as descendants of the engimatic Angel race. When war broke out between the gods and the Primordials, the deva were among the first immortals to join in that heavenly conflict. Some ancestors of the deva were felled angels whose immortality had been torn away and sent to the Material Plane. In time these beings integrated into the cultures of the world, breeding with one another to create the deva of today.

Play a Deva if you want…
to play a truly heroic breed of humanity.
to be good at rooting out villains and interacting with others.
to be like an angel.
to be a member of a race that favors the cleric, fighter, paladin, and warlord.


Deva are slightly taller than humans, if not slightly taller and lithe. They tend towards athletic frames and generally have pleasing and unmarred features; wounds rarely leave scars that mar an deva’s features.

Deva have an almost washed-out color to their skin, though it can range from near bone white through tanned bronze to a faded ebony. Some devas have a purplish skin with markings of white or gray about their body. They tend to have startling blue or golden eyes and a rare few have eyes that are solid orbs of silver or gold. Their hair color tends towards a golden blonde, though other bright, prismatic colors are possible.

Deva tend to favor bright colors of blue, silver or gold. They often employ silks or other fine materials into their clothing with motifs of celestial beings. Deva-crafted arms and armor have an elegant and noble appearance and are often deceptively light.


Deva Characteristics: Aloof, conservative, dependable, helpful, wise, judging, self-reliant.

Male Names: Camael, Elemiah, Forcas, Gavreel, Harachel, Jehoel, Maion, Melchisedek, Nakir, Raziel, Samael, Uriel, Xaphan, Zagzagel.

Female Names: Cassiel, Cathetel, Hadraniel, Iofiel, Isda, Lailah, Mihr, Ooniemme, Qaphsiel, Regina, Shemael, Valoel, Yofiel.


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